Potential Internship Locations

Potential Internship Locations

The following list provides examples of businesses and organizations in the Winston-Salem area that offer opportunities for those interested in volunteering in the field of translation/interpreting. These merely serve as a point of reference and is not a guarantee that internships will be available in these locations.

Students may also consider internships in the legal, technical, medical domains. Students may want to explore internship opportunities in the surrounding areas and with translation/interpreting agencies.


Casa Guadalupe

Casa Guadalupe is an outreach program sponsored by the Catholic Church, which provides extensive immigration services to its clients. The interpreters that volunteer at Casa Guadalupe help in a variety of areas, such as in court, in a doctor’s office, filling out government documents, and any other area in which immigrants need aid. While there is one full time paid interpreting position, all other interpreters work on a volunteer basis. Because of the variability of need, volunteers are called by the organization when an opportunity arises.

Crisis Control Ministry

Crisis Control Ministry provides aid to those who are going through a financial crisis. They lend assistance through services such as providing food and clothing, offering prescription medication, and providing financial aid to help pay for rent and utilities. The current need is primarily for Spanish speaking interpreters who interview clients in order to assess situations and needs, and who serve as pharmacy assistants in the free pharmacy. The environment is a very casual setting, and interpreters serve on a volunteer basis, although there may be paid positions in the future.

Old Town Elementary School

Old Town Elementary is a public elementary school at which a large portion of the student body is of Hispanic origin. Volunteers assist in interpreting between parents and teachers at meetings, however this need varies greatly and is fairly unpredictable from day to day. Also, the school holds a number of events every year in which interpreters are needed in large numbers. One such event takes place in the month of April, and involves screening students who have enrolled in kindergarten. Interpreters work in 15 minute sessions, and perform tasks such as test administration and interpreting parent feedback. In addition, the school holds Family Fun Science and Math Nights every fall and spring, and usually needs six interpreters to play with and assist the families.


Community Health Center/Centro Clinico

Centro Clinico is a free medical clinic that provides basic services to those in need. The clinic currently needs interpreters who speak English and Spanish to facilitate conversations between doctors and patients. The need for interpreters fluctuates, however during the summer months (May through mid September) interpreters are in particularly high demand. In addition, during the week interpreters are needed in the clinic on Mondays and Tuesdays from 4-9 pm, and Thursdays from 1-4 pm. All interpreters work on a volunteer basis.

Forsyth County Department of Public Health

The mission of the Department of Public Health is to “improve the health and well being of all persons in Forsyth County through community health promotion, disease prevention and protection of the environment.” Interpreters aid in this pursuit through facilitating communication between doctors and their patients. Interpreters are needed at all times during the year and work solely on a volunteer basis.

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center employs several full-time Spanish-English interpreters to provide language support to the various different clinics that comprise the medical center. Students work closely with staff interpreters to provide interpreting services. Translation and interpreting internships may be available, depending on availability and need.