Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate certificate program has two different tracks that are available for students. The two certificates available are the Certificate in Spanish-English Translation/Localization Management and in Spanish-English Interpreting. The former focuses on written translation, while the latter emphasizes oral communication. Students may choose to earn one or both certificates, as there are several courses that each has in common.

The Certificate in Spanish Translation/Localization (STL) teaches translation strategies, focusing on Spanish to English translation, and introduces students to various types of software and computer applications that are used by professional translators. Students will learn about adapting products for international markets, as well as best practices within the language industry.

Certificate in Spanish Interpreting (SI) teaches strategies for different types of Spanish-English interpreting. Students will be exposed to community interpreting, consecutive interpreting, and simultaneous interpreting. Students implement the skills learned with consistent practice, including significant time working in the interpreting lab's simultaneous interpreting booths.

Certificate in Medical Spanish (MS) teaches medical and cultural concepts and prepares students to use Spanish in a healthcare setting. Requirements include SPA 382; SPA 383; and SPA 391.

Certificate in Spanish for International Cooperation, Business and Law (ICBL) teaches general concepts and skills necessary to perform effectively in professional international cooperation, business, and law Spanish-speaking settings. Requirements include SPA 381; SPA 387; SPA 388; and SPA 389.

Certificate Requirements

Certificate in Spanish-English Interpreting (SI)

Certificate in Spanish-English Translation/Localization (STL)

Certificate in Medical Spanish (MS)


Certificate in Spanish for International Cooperation, Business and Law (ICBL)