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One who converts a text from one language into another.
Translation can be organized in three dimensions: by approach, by field, and by tools used.


Absolute translation: a complete translation of a text without any alteration of content or form of the original document.

Abstract translation: a summary of all the information in the source translation in the form of general themes, a description of specific information, or an abridged version of useful content.

Keyword translation: only the keywords, indicating basic concepts of the text, are transferred into the target language to determine the necessity of full translation and how the text should be translated. The words are usually ordered to indicate importance.

Selective translation: a rendering of the details relating to a specific aspect of the source translation with the corresponding elimination of all other irrelevant information. Additional explanatory notes are often included to add depth to the certain subject.

Sight translation: the oral translation of a written text that usually occurs without preparation, on demand, in a professional environment.

• general
• technical
• scientific
• medical
• literary
• business
• financial

• CAT (Computer Assisted Translation)
• MT (Machine Translation)
• Human, Dictionary Assisted Manual Translation

: There is a difference between CAT and MT. When using Machine Translation, the computer is in control of the translating process, with the translator used as a source of information required from the computer. Computer Assisted Translation signifies software that serves to aid the translator, who is in control of the translation process. Most of a translator's work can be done electronically as a freelancer with little interaction with the client, but sometimes hardcopy is used with no assistance beyond dictionaries.

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