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Career Areas
While in college

Establish a strong and solid grammar/syntax foundation in your chosen language.
Spanish 219, 222, 319

Try interpreting in a casual or semiprofessional setting
• Community volunteering
• Church services
Internships (Spanish 384)

Learn how to manage people
• Team work
• Organizational behavior classes
• Leadership training
• Project management

Enroll in various translation/interpreting courses (if offered at your school)
• Spanish 381, 382

Explore cognitive processes of linguistics perception
Psychology courses
• Neuropsychology
Enrich your English proficiency
• Vocabulary building
• Upper level English classes
• Good quality magazines and journals
• Technical/scientific writing

Develop public speaking skills
• Respiratory techniques
• Voice training
• Communication basics

Be already a part of a professional organization
• Student membership

Immerse yourself in the chosen culture and idiosyncrasy
Travel abroad
• Literature classes

Get training in software programs and publishing
• CAD, Adobe, Luteileaf, Photoshop, Excel, etc.
• Localization

Become familiar with online translation tools
• Terminology
• Others

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